Care For Pets At Home

To begin with I was based at a city centre practice where I qualified as a District Nurse and worked within a very mixed and challenging environment for about eight years where I was welcomed into a lot of very different homes with a lot of very different pets!

However, despite being born a city girl, I felt much more comfortable in the country so when the opportunity arose for me to transfer I took the chance and moved to Rutland, working a much more rural beat around the county, based at different times in Oakham and Uppingham.

After 10 years in the area I took early retirement from my nursing career and returned to concentrate on my animals.

During the intervening years I have devoted much of my time to raising and caring for my own animals, mainly dogs and ponies, some of which are featured in the video. In fact the two horses who appear to be kissing are my own spotted ponies, Tor and Gemma.

I have always helped out fiends and family with their pets but in the last twelve months I have had an increasing number of requests from strangers who have reached me by word of mouth so I decided to sort things out and get organised.

The result is Care For Pets At Home and I want to care for animals where their owners need a bit of extra help and support ... if I can I will.

So if you think I can help please get in touch for a chat. You can either send me an email message using the contact form or 'phone me on my mobile

If you 'phone, please be patient; I am quite likely to be in the middle of a field!

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