Your Security

By it’s very nature, allowing someone else to care for your pet in your home requires a huge amount of trust.

Not only are you putting the health of your beloved pets in the hands of another person but you are also allowing that person an unrestricted access to the very heart of your own security.

I am acutely aware that when I enter your home, you are not only trusting me with the welfare of your animals but with your valuables and your privacy and for this reason I have submitted myself to a formal scrutiny of my personal history which is called a ‘Disclosure’.

The document which is called a Criminal Conviction Certificate was issued on 13 April 2016 and declares that  under section 112 of the Police Act of 1997 I have ‘no convictions’ to be disclosed.

If you would like to know more about Disclosure Scotland please click here.

If you feel you need to view the document yourself please contact me HERE.